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KN95 Mask

  • 4-PLY NON-WOVEN: 4-Layers of protection include a Non-Woven Inner Layer, Meltblown Filter, Hot Air Cotton Filter, and Non-Woven Outer Shell.
  • FORM FITTING: The flexible nose guard is designed to provide a custom fit to ensure a soft and comfortable fit to reduce skin irritation while the stretchable braided ear bands ensure comfort over long periods of wear time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The vertical folding design and overall lightweight structure make this mask easy to store and carry.
  • PROVIDES MORE PROTECTION: The KN95 is a disposable and breathable mask designed to offer more protection than standard disposable 3-Ply masks.

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KN95 Mask

Always read and follow the manufacturer’s directions when using an N95 mask. It must cover both the nose and mouth to keep you from breathing in mold and dust. If it does not have a snug fit, it will not work properly. Correct fit of the mask requires contact with smooth skin. It will not work properly for people with beards or facial hair. Even one-day beard growth has been shown to let air leak in. Always use both straps on the mask to hold it in place to keep air from leaking around it.

Do a user seal check, including both positive and negative pressure checks, to verify that you have correctly put on the mask and adjusted it to fit properly.

  • Negative pressure check

    Place both hands completely over the mask and inhale sharply. Be careful not to disturb the position of the mask. The mask should pull into your face. If air leaks around your face or eyes, adjust the nosepiece and straps and repeat the positive pressure check.

  • Positive pressure check

    Put your hands over the mask and breathe out sharply. If your mask has an exhalation valve (like the one pictured above) be sure to cover the exhalation valve when you exhale. No air should leak out of the mask if it fits properly. If air leaks out, re-adjust the nosepiece and straps and repeat the negative pressure check.

As the N95 mask gets clogged, it becomes more difficult to breathe. When this occurs, throw it out and use a new one. Discard the mask if it is wet or dirty on the inside, if it is deformed, or if the filter is torn. A deformed mask may not fit properly. An N95 mask cannot be cleaned or disinfected.


  • Prevent dust, droplets and wind
  • Cotton mask, more breathable and comfortable
  • No deformation, no fluff, no fading
  • Washable, multi-use
  • With a 95% dust barrier, you don’t have to worry about your respiratory health
    Unlike other polyester masks, cotton masks use layers to build a defense system, which can be used multiple times to prevent dust and air, killing two birds with one stone.
  • Three-dimensional space design gives mouth, nose part enough breathing space, elastic cotton material, breathable not stuffy, let you free to breathe!
  • adjustable tight and loose ear belt, comfortable fit to face, no pressure mark on ear, reduce your sense of pressure, even if you wear it all day without earache!
  • Can be repeatedly washed, durable and not easily deformed

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